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Sistemas de Comunicaciones utilizados en las Fuerzas Armadas

El Consejo de Ministros Español ha autorizado, el 30 de Agosto del 2007, la compra de equipos de radio adicionales del modelo PR4G. Como indica la noticia aparecida en Internet, estos sistemas parecen incorporar un sistema propio de cambio automático de frecuencia, el SIVD, que se une así a otros sistemas estándar como el HAVE QUICK I/II y el SINCGARS, de los que hablaremos en otro momento.

The new radio equipment is based on the French PR4G VHF standard, and Amper is partnered with Thales to produce it. The radios are compatible with previous generations, and incorporate new data transmission capacities which quadruple the speed of the previous generation. A cutting-edge digital voice coder (vocoder) which ensures the highest quality voice transmissions during all propagation conditions or when clutter is present.

F@stnet protocol supports both voice and data transfer, retaining the system's frequency hopping and anti jamming modes. The system also supports a proprietary frequency hopping Multiplex mode called SIVD, offering the capability of simultaneously and independently transferring secure Voice and Data communications in the same radio (without prioritizing voice over data or vice versa). The radio also supports standard IP/Ethernet interface makes through the F@stnet a tactical internet protocol. Transmission speeds are automatically adjusted to best suit particular environmental conditions.

A GPS receiver incorporated into the equipment permits the immediate location of the radio position, and the adoption of more compact production technologies has led to radios with half the volume and weight of previous generations.

Amper Productas has supplied over 5,000 PR4G radios of various configurations to the Spanish Armed forces in previous contracts; see their TRC 9000 family in particular.

The equipment provides the foundation for the systems known as Combat Networks which provides communications to small units down to battalion level, even in hostile environments in which electronic warfare is present. PR4G communications equipment is also used in other military systems including Spain's Leopard 2s, Pizarro ICVs, Eurocopter Tiger HAD attack helicopters, and in the majority of Spanish Navy Ships. Finally, PR4G forms part of the means of transmission used in the army's tactical area network system (RBA) and in the Spanish Army Command and Control System (SIMACET), two equally sophisticated systems delivered by Amper Programas for the Army.

“Sistemas de Comunicaciones utilizados en las Fuerzas Armadas”